Team Dex

Greetings, Earthling!

If you’re on Team Dex, you like your men tall, dark and mysterious. Danger doesn’t scare you off, and your courage will be rewarded… if you survive Earth’s attack. Dexon of Venon may take a while to warm to you, in fact, he may well try and kill you before he deems you worthy of his affections. If you do manage to charm the beast, however, and Dex decides you are worth fighting for, there is no man more loyal. Not in the whole galaxy – I’ve checked. Dex will defy even his own father for you, but fair warning: he’s brooding and serious, he has little time for humour. You should also have a penchant for travelling, should you take up with this particular Venite, because he will show you the stars and spirit you off to a planet far, far away. Pack light! He also comes with a bigger, badder, older brother, but don’t let that put you off 😉 Channel your inner Elena and you might just have two men at your beck and call.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dexon of Venon:

Physical appearance: Green eyes that glow when he uses his power, black hair, well over 6ft tall.

Notable traits: Hypnotic stare.

Abilities: Controls over the elements. Can create an electrical storm. Mind control.

Fears: His father.

Achilles Heel: Rachel Rhodes and his family.

Likes: In his years spent conquering new planets, Dex has had little time to focus on himself and his personal preference. He does, however, feel more comfortable in the midst of an electrical storm than he does in balmy, lazy weather. He also has a soft spot for his sister, Voka, who is an utter bitch. We do know, from his day spent in the park with Rachel, that he’s not a fan of chocolate chip ice-cream.

Bio: Dex has spent most of his life leading his father’s army and conquering planets. He visited Earth seven years ago, on an exploratory mission, where he fell for 17-year-old Rachel. The two did the wild monkey dance, which I suspect may have left a lasting impression (go Rachel!) because when he returned home, Dex pleaded with his father to show mercy and leave Earth alone. Zonax denied his son’s request and used his mind-control to manipulate Dex into leading the Earth invasion. Dex returned to Earth to conquer, even going so far as to try to kill Rachel before coming to his senses. He then switched his allegiance and fought for mankind against his own people. Without Dex, Earth would be a colony of Venon and humankind would be all but extinct.