From Indie to Published

Two very exciting things happened today. Firstly, I had my hair done. It looks fantastic – all blonde and sleek and shiny. It’s awesome. Oh…. and I became a published author.

*insert shriek of excitement here!!!!*

I am so, so thrilled to finally share this news with you all.. it has been a while in the making and for fear of jinxing it, I had to keep mum until all the negotiations and logistics were ironed out.

The Legacy Series & I have been signed by TMP (Tracey McDonald Publishers) and will be re-launched in July 2014. I am now feeling the pressure of being a legit author, as I have a deadline to complete the final book in the series. (Yes, I said a deadline- how cool is that :))

It also means that The Legacy & The Legion (as well as book 3, when it launches) will be available in stores, so all those without Kindles can get their hands on it 🙂

This is a huge turning point in my career & it coincides with my selling out of my company, after 10 years. It is bittersweet, because as most of you know, the business was very near & dear to my heart, but the time has come for me to focus on my writing. I look forward to being able to write books in the daylight hours & get some much needed sleep!

I want to thank each & every single person who has supported me through my indie career, and to everyone who has read & loved my books! You all ROCK!

If you would like to be updated as to the Legacy news & launch dates, etc, please go and like this page: I will, of course, repost all information on The Legacy Book Club FB page too!

My publishers website is:

I will keep you all informed as I learn (and I am sure, love!) this process, which is every authors dream come true.

That’s enough for now… I have some champagne to be chilling!

Much Love





10 thoughts on “From Indie to Published

  1. Such wonderful news for you Liss, well done! Proves that 2014 is going to be a great year for you, and us reading your books. I must say that TMP is now my best friend, you HAVE a deadline for book 3-WOOPWOOP. Can’t wait. Happy New Year.

  2. You have made wonderful achievements and I am so proud of you.
    Enjoy you new career and I look forward to reading more of your books.
    We are your fans and always will be.
    Love Aunty Gail

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