Team Reed

Well, hello, pretty lady!

If you’ve chosen Team Reed, you like your men devilish and sarcastic. Not to mention they have a wicked way with the ladies, so you might want to hold on tight! Reed is good-looking to a fault, but in a rugged way. He doesn’t always use a razor, his hair always needs cutting, and he is officially the strongest man in the Rebeldom, so even if you carry a few extra pounds like I do *cough* he’ll have no problem hoisting you over his broad shoulder and carrying you to the bedroom. Or the local pizza parlour. Or the ice cream shop down the road… you get the point 😉

Here’s everything you need to know about Reed McCoy:

Physical appearance: Green eyes, sandy/dark-blond hair, tall, muscular, tanned.

Notable traits: Southern drawl picked up through being raised in Georgia.

Abilities: Power of Three with incredible strength. Panty dropping.

Fears: Heights and Spiders.

Achilles Heel: Rebecca Davis.

Likes: Long walks on the bea…. oh, who am I kidding?! Reed likes to fight. He’s a scrapper, though, none of Kwan’s Taekwondo finesse for him. He fights fast and dirty and without conscience. He also has a soft spot for women in general, and is a natural protector. He is also selfless: making sacrifices for the people he loves comes naturally.

Bio: Reed’s parents died in World War Three. He was saved by Jeffrey Davis and lived in an underground military bunker for three years before being sent to live with Aunt Cathy and Uncle Norman in Georgia. In his early twenties he started helping Jeffrey and the rebels, but he only truly committed to the cause when he fell in love with Rebecca. He publicly declared her the leader of the Legion in book 1. Without Reed, Rebecca would never have defeated Eric Dane.