From Indie to Published

Two very exciting things happened today. Firstly, I had my hair done. It looks fantastic – all blonde and sleek and shiny. It’s awesome. Oh…. and I became a published author.

*insert shriek of excitement here!!!!*

I am so, so thrilled to finally share this news with you all.. it has been a while in the making and for fear of jinxing it, I had to keep mum until all the negotiations and logistics were ironed out.

The Legacy Series & I have been signed by TMP (Tracey McDonald Publishers) and will be re-launched in July 2014. I am now feeling the pressure of being a legit author, as I have a deadline to complete the final book in the series. (Yes, I said a deadline- how cool is that :))

It also means that The Legacy & The Legion (as well as book 3, when it launches) will be available in stores, so all those without Kindles can get their hands on it 🙂

This is a huge turning point in my career & it coincides with my selling out of my company, after 10 years. It is bittersweet, because as most of you know, the business was very near & dear to my heart, but the time has come for me to focus on my writing. I look forward to being able to write books in the daylight hours & get some much needed sleep!

I want to thank each & every single person who has supported me through my indie career, and to everyone who has read & loved my books! You all ROCK!

If you would like to be updated as to the Legacy news & launch dates, etc, please go and like this page: https://www.facebook.com/EnjoyABook. I will, of course, repost all information on The Legacy Book Club FB page too!

My publishers website is:  http://traceymcdonaldpublishers.com

I will keep you all informed as I learn (and I am sure, love!) this process, which is every authors dream come true.

That’s enough for now… I have some champagne to be chilling!

Much Love






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