Rainfall – The Long Shot

Hi All,

I am so sorry for the radio silence the past few weeks on my blog. I do try to make the FB page my first priority, so that always takes preference. Also – I use my blog as a creative outlet for my “humorous” side. 3 young children on school holiday (FOR-6-WEEKS!!!!!!) coinciding with my darling BFF, Fikile, going on leave is just simply not funny. At all. Hence, no blogging.

Now, though, I have some exciting news that I had to share. Rainfall, the little book that could, has just made it to the #1038 selling book in the Kindle store. It is being featured on an Amazon promotion and is doing really, really well. Just to put that in perspective: there are over 2 million books on Kindle. And only 1037 of those books are outselling Rainfall. Kinda cool hey? I have a goofy smile on my face as I type this. Look, its no TOP 100 (which is every authors dream come true), but its not bad for the Indie Saffa Author who *blush* underestimated her own book. You all know that The Legacy Series is my baby – it’s just more my cup of Earl Grey – but I am so, so humbled & grateful that Paige & Adam’s story is touching readers hearts!!!

Now, the promotion still runs for another 5 days, 1 hour & 17 minutes, so whether it gains momentum or plummets down into obscurity at any minute, I couldn’t care less. Because right now, at this very moment, I am outselling some of my own idols. And THAT is the most awesome feeling EVER.

I will keep you posted & post the end results, but today is a good, good day 🙂

Wishing you all Season’s Greetings & I hope that 2014 is a fantastic year!

Much Love,







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