The Legacy Characters

I have come to realise that women are fickle. Deep, meaningful, life-changing quotes don’t interest us, but stick a picture of a gorgeous hunk on FB and all of a sudden, your reach quadruples. Shame on you, ladies! And all the power to ya 😉

As my FB post about who I pictured Aidan to be seemed to get so much attention, it was only a natural progression to blog about the other characters, hence this post.

When I started writing The Legacy, I had set images in my mind, that I used to describe my characters. I actually find this the easiest way to remember all the details about them (hair colour, eye colour, etc) because otherwise halfway though I have forgotten.

As you know now, Aidan looked like this in my head:

This fine specimen (aka Justin Hartley) has long been a firm favourite of mine, ever since he first wore those “toit” green tights as the Green Arrow on Smallville. I even sat through the entire first (and thankfully last) season of Emily Owens MD, just to witness this eye candy every Wednesday night. The CW axed the show and my withdrawals began…so imagine my delight when he showed up in the third season of Revenge!!! And he is just SO Aidan…. handsome, clean-cut, wholesome. Yum!

Then there’s Aidan’s nemesis, our Sexy Southern Bad Boy, Reed. In my head, he looks like this:
sawya[1] But lately someone said she pictures the guy from Thor (Chris Hemsworth)… so now I am torn. I still think this is more Reed, though 😉

Eric. Oh how I love to hate Eric. And what blog post would be complete without my darling Ian?? No words, Ladies.. just drool at my Eric: (I bet you all saw this one coming!)

Michael and Morgan. You all know I’m a big fan of Pittacus Lore’s I am Number Four series, and these two fit the bill for Michael & Morgan Kelly perfectly!I AM NUMBER FOUR

So that leaves us with Rebecca. The feisty, kick-ass heroine of the series. I love writing about Bex – I love that she’s strong and beautiful and the leader of an entire army. It’s just awesome. Because Bella Swan nearly killed me, and I wanted a female lead that would never, ever (and I mean EVER) be anything like Bella. So, for what its worth, this is my Rebecca Davis:
Yes, its ridiculously ironic that she played a lead role in the Twilight Saga, considering my comment above, but lets just chalk this one up to artistic license!

Enjoy your week ahead, stay safe


  • Lee-Anne

    Melissa – you are an amazing writer. I loved the legacy and the legion and can’t wait for the legend!!! I need to see what happens!:) i have just finished rainfall, and that was also awesome! I am so happy Charlotte told me about your books!! Thank you! Xx

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