Truck you, Friday

What a day. Friday the 30th August 2013. Yeah… you pretty much suck.

This morning I get a call that one of my fleet has been in accident. For those of you who don’t know, I have a transport company. (Hard to believe I know, being that I am such a fragile flower, but until such time as I hit big-time author, I have bills to pay) My immediate response: “Is the driver okay?” Turns out the little bastard is fine. For now.

Frantic concern aside, I ask: “What happened?” The answer is not exactly something I would have expected. My truck is lying on its side. ON.ITS.SIDE. 25 tons of truck, just laying down like a fat kid after the 70 meter relay.

So….I try to be practical. I know its been a busy year and I figure hey, maybe it’s just tired.

The cargo (to be clear: 32 tons of it) is oranges. Now, my natural propensity to giggle rears its head at this stage. Oranges are round. They roll. By now I am picturing this creaking behemoth, just too tired to go any further, lying down in protest as thousands of oranges scatter, making their frantic escape. Free from the horror of being sliced, diced and juiced. And you know what? For just a moment I felt relieved for those little oranges. My conscience whispered “Be free, little fella’s, be free.”

All this is going through my head as I try to grasp what I am hearing. It’s days like these that really make me wonder at my chosen corporate profession. Don’t get me wrong, I love trucks. Ever since I saw Optimus Prime transform back in 2007. But when I tell you it comes with a LOT of headache, that ain’t no lie!

So, while you are all gearing up for the weekend, and TGIF’ing, spare a thought for me. I’m TGFI’ing…. Thanking God for Insurance.

Oh, and if you happen to see one of these little bastards run by……do me a favour and JUICE EM!



Have a wonderful weekend everyone and be safe on the roads!




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