Team Drake

You hot-blooded Guardian, you!

If you’ve chosen Team Drake, you like your men cold-hearted and complicated, and with a penchant for blood. Don’t be too hard on yourself – a legion of Twihards would agree with you (myself included). Of course, Drake is a Janus-like character. He has that softer side that makes you weak at the knees, and he inspires unbelievable loyalty in others. Lenora is the perfect example. He is also quite capable of maintaining life-long friendships with his ex-lovers, so you never have to fear being cast out of his life if things don’t work out. Deep down, Drake wants to be a better man and do the right thing, but he has spent so much of his life in secret and shadow that he isn’t sure how to step into the light. Take his hand and lead him. You will have to be assertive if you want to make an impression on this vampire. Sadly, he holds his secrets close to his heart and is guarded to a fault. Choosing Drake is not an easy path, but you certainly won’t ever be bored, and I have it on good authority that Drake is an excellent kisser. Swoon-worthy, even.

Here’s everything you need to know about Drake:

Physical appearance: Dark hair, green eyes, tall, pale, flawless.

Notable traits: Dry, derisive tone, dominant personality.

Abilities: Vampiric strength and speed. Heightened senses. Magic.

Fears: His inexplicable obsession with Charlotte.

Achilles Heel: Quinn Harden.

Likes: Drake likes to keep his friends close, his enemies closer. He also enjoys a good Bourbon.

Bio: Drake was raised by the vampire Lucian. He has also known Lenora his whole life and she has played various roles – mother, lover, friend. Despite his past, Drake wants nothing to do with the Quest, nor does he care if Summerfeld falls. He is Switzerland. Until he meets and falls in love with the Guardian, Quinn. His involvement in the fight stems from his growing desire for her, rather than his vested interest in Summerfeld. Without Drake, Quinn would not have saved her City. (Disclaimer: Sadly, I can say no more, for Drake’s secrets are not mine to tell.)