Half-witch. Half-vampire. One hundred percent badass. Tired of the same old urban fantasy story? Welcome to your new addiction.

The Witchborn Curse

Seattle isn’t just sleepless, it’s a ticking time bomb as a conflict between witches and vampires escalates to all-new heights.

For Grayer Morgan, a half-witch, half-vampire, the conflict becomes all too real when she discovers that her own grandmother has worked to create a weapon to destroy all vampires – forever.

Torn between her love of family and the fires that burn inside, she enlists the help of a motley crew to find and destroy the weapon before it can be used.

Unfortunately, not all those who smile are friends… and some will stop at nothing to seize power for themselves.

The Shadow Huntress

Betrayed by the man she loved, Grayer Nox’s fight seems tenuous at best after her best friend has been kidnapped and her grandmother’s power-hungry campaign spreads across the realm.

The Charmed Quarter

Vamps are showing up murdered across the realm as Grayer’s grandmother puts her plan into full swing, leaving her with few places to turn for aid and forced to turn inward for deliverance.

The Rogue Coven

With Izzy and Sawyer both missing, Grayer is forced to make difficult choices – and sacrifices – if she has any hope at all of rescuing them. Are all sacrifices worth making, though?

The Darkest Realm

Grayer’s sacrifices may be in vain as the penultimate chapter in Shadow Magic arrives.

Hybrid's Fate

The final battle lines are drawn as the fate of the city – and beyond – is decided.